Here Be Dragons

We, especially son & me, are fans of How To Train Your Dragon (film over book, I have to admit..). I adore and want to own a Night Fury of my own…. In the mean time, the kids or the cat will have to do..

There is a dragon theme weaving its way through our family anyway. For my son they are a magical and mysterious sidetrack from his absolute, encyclopedic love of dinosaurs.

Even though in ASOIAF I identify most with the North and even the wildlings with their old gods, I am enthralled by Dany and her dragons (shhh no spoilers, I have nearly finished Book 5 part 1!).

Also, my mum was born on an island in the middle of a big lake with a sea dragon in it (true story! Well, I suppose “monster” is maybe more apt but really, who wants to be pedantic..).

Too many words to say here are a few dragon-related doodles (i intend to do more):

Cat and Night Fury mash-up

A different side to mummy…

School run…

Son draws wicked dragons!

[Again, please excuse the poor quality of the images – sometime soon I hope to start using a scanner]


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