Night Song

The lyric is from Lovis’s song, called Vargsången, from my favourite childhood film, Ronja Rövardotter (Astrid Lindgren’s Ronya the Robber’s Daughter). I sang this often at bedtime, especially to my daughter. It is only recently that we have pretty much stopped singing – bedtime being completely taken over by stories. But today my daughter started singing this, in her broken Swedish, out of the blue.

Ronja’s mum Lovis sings this song to her when she visits and settles her to sleep in her little cave in the wilderness. I love it so.

It is basically a song to ward off the wolves, telling them to stay away and find other nourishment in the night’s forest than her child…

I love wolves though. I don’t know why, it doesn’t really make sense. I am pretty scared of dogs so I dread to think how many shades of fear I’d turn during a wolf encounter… But maybe that is the point..




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