We have expanded our family – our menagerie to be more precise – with a young english cocker spaniel pup called Freyja!

We collected her yesterday so it is all very new and very exciting. While our girl naps I did some quick little doodles, because she will obviously be included in lots of upcoming updates :).


Life’s been busy with my daughter’s school year finishing up, my son ending his time at playgroup ready for school this September, and the wonderful, much longed-for Summer holidays starting. So my sketchbook has been rather dusty..

I did work on a gift illustration for my grandmother who turns 90 soon.
Here’s is a preliminary sketch.


I finished the final version in water colour. I do not want to put that up (yet) as she hasn’t seen it herself yet (not that she’s online, but still).
It is a triptych of her at 3 stages of her life.


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