Dog Stares & a WIP

I used to be scared of dogs, I didn’t understand them, and put myself firmly in the crazy cat lady camp.
It was a family decision to get a dog, not one we took impulsively but put a lot of thought into and read up about.

Still, I really had not expected to feel so strongly about Freyja (our now 7 month old cocker spaniel) though. She can drive me up the wall, she can be a real pain.. But mostly I just love the little fur ball nutcase to bits.

She has such character, and is so strong willed. And most of all, she is so expressive! I tried to capture her when she does her pleading stare, when she sits all straight and is all “look at me doing a good sit! Reward me! Play play play!!” I imagine her with a little bow tie on, to show off she really is on her Best Behaviour! Promise!

Also, at the bottom, the “so what if I did something naughty. See if I care. You ain’t got nothing on me” defiant stare. Love it when she does that! Hard to stay cross with her. Especially if she happens to have something random but off-limits dangling from her mouth. Like my son’s underpants… (She’s wild for those…. sick pup).


And this is something I am still working on, and am going to watercolour as well



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