This illustration is all to do with synchronicity really. I love it when what you are reading, and your thoughts, or snippets of songs heard, as well as sudden peaking of an interest, etcetera, seem to fall into place – even if it is only to yourself that it makes any sense…

Within a wider web of personal synchronicity I tried to visualise one single strand:

Last week I listened to Steve Reich’s Proverb with Wittgenstein’s quote the only lyric. It is a haunting piece of music in itself, but the quote really stayed with me. I cannot quite pin down why. It is both strangely reassuring and chilling at the same time.

At the moment I am reading John Burnside’s wonderous A Summer of Drowning of which the text on the sea is a passage. Somehow the two pieces seemed to fit very well. Arctic terns, spending a whole life focused within those moments of perfect light…


[let me know in the comments if the passage needs transcribing for ease of reading!]


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