Our daughter dropped both her front teeth at the start of the summer holidays and this does delightful things to her face, expressions and moods.

She is also in the middle of a cheerleading craze which means at any given time in any given place you will find her suddenly gripping her foot, attempting a Scorpion, or swinging into an Arabesque as I have to spring into action and stop her from mowing down book stands in the library or groceries in the supermarket… Lol.
She delights me to bits – esp with the added fang teeth 🙂

Now my kids are back to school and I miss ’em…



4 thoughts on “Toothless

      • It’s actually much easier than one would think or anticipate, when you have the right study materials. However, unless one is a homemaker, than it takes a considerable amount more time/effort. Fortunately, we are able to survive on one income. Of course, much of this depends on where you live, in our state it is relatively easy to homeschool (minimal regulations).

      • Here in the UK it is similar – very dependent on which local authority you’re in as to how much resistance / regulations you may stumble upon.. I think ours is supposedly quite easy too. It is still quite unusual though and few resources (groups, for instance) available. Anyhow – for now they are (mostly) content in school..
        Thank you for your thoughtful responses!

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